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Title: Like Lighters In The Dark
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Yama Pair (Ohno/Sho)
Prompts: 047 Matter
Word Count: 1200
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Theirs is not an ideal first meeting, but first impressions hardly ever last. Fictional re-imaginings of some of the Yama Pair moments that may have been or might yet be.
Disclaimer: All fiction. I swear.
Note: written for [ profile] je_prompts. Also a “fun and fluffy” exchange fic of sorts. <3

~You’re my clarity, the best part of me~

First impressions? They never last.

Not that Satoshi Ohno has ever paid real attention to anyone long enough to build on an impression.

And just because he's been staring at the new kid for longer than he should, after said kid sneered, "You're weird" and he blurted out, "You're tiny" in mindless retaliation, doesn't mean he's about to change his mind and make an effort for this one.

"I'm Sakurai. Sho Sakurai." The kid smirks. "I'd shake your hand, but I don't want to catch your boogers."

Satoshi frowns, pushes his finger farther up his nose, and wordlessly walks away.


He doesn't mean to stare.

But since he's been asked to help the incredibly uncoordinated Sho with a particularly complicated dance step, Satoshi has no choice.

And although it took longer than he expected—no thanks to a couple of clumsy turns that almost sent the kid sprawling on his face—Satoshi finds himself rather unexpectedly drawn to the humbled little mame by the end of the whole ordeal.

"Thanks, Ohno-san." Sakurai bows, holding out a hand.

Satoshi deliberately shakes it with the one that's just been up his nose.

Sakurai cringes, smiles awkwardly, and has never pulled back since.


Satoshi has no reason for stalling.

But he still tells his friend Machida to go ahead and save them seats on the bus.

It doesn't surprise him though, when Sakurai comes rushing out the door with a glowering Nino at his tail.

"What, no goodbyes?!"

Satoshi shrugs. "It's only for a year, Nino—"

He chuckles when Nino wraps him up in a quick, tight hug before running back to rehearsals.

"Well, don't get lost in Kyoto..." Sho teases, forcing a smile. "And don't miss me, okay?"

Satoshi rubs a finger under his nose to hide his amusement. "You wish, mame."


Satoshi's not beyond making the most dimwitted mistakes.

He's young, he's curious, and the girls were only too happy to indulge him, being all junked-up and an idol to boot.

But what he remembers the most about that night is the rather dick-headed call he makes to Sho's phone afterwards.

About how he's probably already drank and blitzed himself to heaven.

Fucked so hard that he probably won't be having babies anymore.

And could Sho-kun please come and pick him up already before his dick snaps and falls off—?

Sho comes.

Then vows never to speak to him again.



Somewhere along the way, Sho Sakurai must've done something right.

And Satoshi may have tripped on a vengeful little elf that stunted his growth spurt.

Sakurai almost chokes on his takoyaki laughing over this.

"Standing next to you makes me feel so small these days..." Satoshi whines, surprising himself with the sincerity in his words.

"Here, Captain." Sakurai practically shoves a takoyaki to his face. "Don't even think of leaving my side, you hear?"

Satoshi sighs and accepts the treat with a chuckle.

He will remember these words more vividly than the summer festival fireworks sprucing up the Osaka sky.


Satoshi doubts he's ever laughed this hard before.

So hard that he could almost die.

But Sho is at it again, burning the soba they just had for lunch by wiggling his partly-exposed butt around to that Destiny's Child song.

"Baby, can you handle this? I don't think you can handle this!" he shrieks, deliberately out of tune, while pulling Satoshi off of his chair. "Come on, Satoshi-kun! We gotta loosen up for the next show!"

Satoshi chuckles and wiggles along, sashaying around their entire dressing room before realizing with a pleasant start that Sho has just called him "Satoshi".


They are not a couple.

But they do now share more than a few stuffs between themselves.

Because whenever they're working together, Sho just tends to instinctively anticipate Satoshi's needs. Lending him toiletries, bringing him coffee from the dispenser, leaving toothbrush in the bathroom for his use—

He's never had qualms about putting anything of Sho's in his mouth, but it does horrify his bandmate that one time.

"You might as well just kiss me, you know!" Sho scoffs, snatching the toothbrush away.

Satoshi won't dare kiss Sho for another year.

But he does start wondering about it that night.


Satoshi has never thought of moving from his parents' house.

But like every grown-up decision he'll be making since, renting his own place has enough fulfilling perks to balance out the stressful losses—

"Don't worry," Sho assures him on the phone his first night. "I'm close by."

"You're still a good ten minutes away on foot, Sho-chan!"

"Five if you run."

He snickers. "Are you inviting me over to your place, Okaa-san?"

"If Otou-san brings beer, I just might let him in," Sho teases back.

Satoshi brings more than enough booze, grubs, and kisses to last them the entire night.


They probably should've eaten first.

But when Sho dropped by Satoshi's place so they could share a cab, then grabbed his face and kissed him so hard that he's clawing for both his sanity and Sho's pants button in the same breath, all thoughts of "let's have a quick meal before Aiba's stage play" went down the drain among other things.

They did have time enough to grab some onigiri from the convenience store.

But halfway through the play, their stomachs still betray them.

Sho's first, then Satoshi's.

A mutual understanding embedded deep in the bowels of their extended afterglow.


Sho never knew of his plans of quitting.

But Satoshi has never expected this much dramatics following his revelation, either.

There must be something in the Hawaiian air that makes old men's tear ducts go crazy—

"I never told you, because you could've easily convinced me to quit!"

"But are you really happy being in Arashi now, Satoshi?"

"God, YES!"

"Not just because of me—?"

"Mostly because of you!" He sniffs. "Is that really so bad, Sho?"

"You could've been so much more—"

"Or I can just be happy..."

Sniffling and sighing back into his arms, Sho finally smiles. "Dumbass..."


They say time stops when you fall in love.

Satoshi suspects he's already gone way beyond that.

Because no matter how hard he falls every day, Sho just keeps moving.

A sleeping, cramping, takoyaki-eating, clumsily-hitting-his-head-on-a-pole presence that he just can't seem to get enough of these days.

Especially not here in Osaka—

"Seriously, Satoshi. Go film someone else."

And miss out on the littlest twitch between those furrowed brows?

The briefest crinkle in that self-assured nose?

And the telltale smile that makes all the difference?

He keeps the camera focused on Sho.

And just lets himself fall over and over...


If someone were to tell the then fourteen-year-old Satoshi Ohno that he'd be spending the better part of his life with the gutsy little hobbit who dared to call him weird that first time, he would've just stuck his finger up his nose and walked away.

Years later and a thousand and one kisses shared, if someone were to say otherwise, he would've simply shrugged and hummed, "Well why not, huh?" while secretly smiling to himself—

Sho buries his face into Satoshi's armpit and starts snoring there.

Satoshi sighs into Sho's thinning grey hair and falls back into peaceful slumber.

~We’re good. We’re solid. We’re gold~

***Title, opening and ending quotes from Boom by Simple Plan.

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