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Title: Like A River Through My Soul
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Yama Pair (Ohno/Sho)
Prompts: 011 Friend ([ profile] je_prompts)
Word Count: 1306
Rating: PG
Genre: Friendship/Fluff/Angst
Summary: This is perhaps the closest they would ever get to being married.
Disclaimer: All fiction. I swear.
Note I: For the apples… <3

Note II: Downloadable version by [ profile] rifnaoei

~I must confess, I’ve been blessed~

He had only ever seen her in photos on Satoshi's phone. Cute girl, sweet smile. Captured in perfect frames of light and shadows and careless affections.

He didn't really have any opinions about her. He refused to entertain such thoughts and let them spark a more elaborate, if not a little overblown, interest in a person he hardly knew.

Or would hardly even know long enough to actually care for—

"You know you can't be with her, right?"

It was really all any one of them needed to say to each other to bring them back to the irrefutable truths of their job. The inescapable constraints of their monitored existence.

It's also the sad truth that always seemed to escape Satoshi Ohno's one track mind.

Every. Single. Time.

But they had no words to say to their Leader now. They weren't a lot that the guy needed to hear that he hadn't already heard before, anyway.

Or that any of them hadn't already dealt with themselves.

And seriously, Sho just didn't see any point in talking anymore.

He quietly took his place on the floor beside his friend after a quick trip to the fridge for a couple more Kirins, his eyes darting from one slouched figure on the floor to the next as he leaned against the couch.

Nino had hardly touched his drink, intending to stay sober long enough to be all here, or so he claimed.

He had hardly taken his eyes off of his game too though, lounging like a kid with his head on Masaki's lap, fingers lost in otherworldly battles, and mind effortlessly taking everything else all at once.

Like only a sober Nino could do on any given day.

Masaki's head was lolling at an awkward angle, glassy eyes fixed on Nino's face like they wished to see nothing else. Sho doubted Masaki was actually seeing, though. Judging by how the guy had already lost his shirt in drunkenness with the better part of his sense hitching along for the ride.

He did briefly wonder if he should tell Nino about the speck of drool already forming at one corner of Masaki's lips, then decided Nino had probably already noticed it himself and was just waiting for a legitimate excuse to slap Masaki's head.

Jun snorted, then rolled his eyes when Sho turned his gaze on him, the two of them sharing a knowing smirk before Jun laid his phone on the table, fell back with a sigh against the armchair's base, and took a modest sip from his can.

And when Sho finally turned to their Leader, all bent and broken and hardly meeting anyone's eyes, as he wallowed all by himself in the suffocating echoes of "I told you so's" from their far less sensible and a lot more volatile conversations in the past, he literally had to swallow back a chuckle.

Because just out of the blue, the most inappropriate image of himself and their Leader caught in a tearful embrace jumped right at him from that anomalous story he had once read online by mistake, because he saw his name and well, he got curious.

He had learned his lesson since.

But the image had never stopped haunting him, sometimes even bleeding into more laborious reels of the most scandalous situations fueled by his own secret curiosities about the man who might just probably be the closest he would ever get to "being married".

A sudden flush rose to his cheeks when he caught Nino, head bent back over Masaki's legs, narrowing his eyes at him as though literally seeing the mental smut he had been harboring in his mind. He guiltily turned the unwarranted smile on his lips into a pout, quickly sticking a beer can to it for good measure.

He should probably count himself lucky that the more vocally prying Jun had already climbed into the armchair and curled himself up into a tight, slumbering ball. And that Nino himself was already too sleepy to try and tease the already much too obvious truth out of him.

And Masaki… well, the guy's already far gone to remember anything at all about this night to begin with.

The room fell into an eerie sort of silence and Sho's mind instinctively fell back to the unsettling image of their fallen Leader from earlier, practically groveling at their feet in a heart-wrenching spiel of apologies laced in a rather degrading amount of snot and tears.

It had taken them a while to calm the man down.

Another while to assure him that nothing was ever going to change within their own tight circle of five.

And a mere breath held to mutually decide to stay and keep their Leader company.

Not for anything else really, but to just be here—

"Oi! Oi! Oi!" He suddenly heard the older man's startled squeaks and instinctively joined in as the slumbering Jun spilled right out of the armchair and back to the floor, mumbling a mostly incoherent warning about discretion and death before curling right back to sleep with a bratty snort.

And just like that, Satoshi Ohno was laughing again, his eyes sparkling with so much unrestrained glee that it took everything Sho had not to choke on his own grating laughter.

They would've probably laughed themselves into a coma had Nino not cared enough to throw a plastic fork their way. Then a spoon to protest the juvenile snorts they eventually settled for, all the while oblivious to the puddle of Masaki's drool slowly forming a lake for fleas on his forehead.

"Welcome back, stranger," Sho whispered, raising his can for a toast.

Satoshi sighed, his smile melting back into a somber pout as he tapped his own can to Sho's. "Why is it that I always end up right back here with you, Sho?"

"Wha-What are you even saying?!" Sho hissed, the half-lidded gaze and missing honorific making his heart swell so much, there was hardly any room left for breath in his lungs.

Nor much sense, really, in what little was left of his dying brain cells.

Because Satoshi had just slid closer to his side so that their faces—flushed with both drink and quiet anticipation—were literally just an inch apart, the tips of their noses bumping, their warm, drunken breaths teasing each other's lips—

"It's always you… Right beside me… Every single time…"

So, so close that Satoshi's eyes started fluttering to the rhythm of Sho's heartbeat, and Sho's own eyes believed in the moment enough to close tight and trust his intoxicated heart to fate—

"We should probably… just get married or something, huh?"

"Probably… You're cute… But you can't draw…"

"OI!" Sho opened his eyes with a mild start just as Satoshi's forehead fell against his collarbone. "Jerk." He snorted, carefully prying the beer can from the passed out guy's grip before it ended up redesigning the carpet.

Quietly laughing at himself for being beer-struck, dumb-struck, and quite possibly a little lovestruck enough to mistake Satoshi's raw and honest curiosities for a drunken, shamefaced flirtation.

But just when he's about done forcibly smothering his raw and honest feelings with all the drunken, shamefaced excuses he could find…

Just when he's about to sigh all the unspoken, unrequited, unwarranted though never unwanted feelings away as he carefully shifted Satoshi's head to a pillow on his lap…

Satoshi grabbed his hand and held it like a lifeline close to his chest as he cuddled up closer to Sho’s lap.

So small. So needy. And trusting.

Sho smiled through the tears already picketing at the back of his eyes, somehow knowing what was coming next and already both breaking and thrilling for every moment of it.

"I’m home…" Satoshi sniffed.

It’s like déjà vu—


Only, it just got a little better.

~In your arms I’m someone new~

***Title, opening, and ending quotes taken from this song.~<3

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