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It's that time of year again~! What, is this gonna become a tradition now? ( >< )

There isn't much word count restriction this year, so things might get a little crazier, messier, and more bizarro-like this time around.

Then again, maybe not? (^ω^)

Quote prompts taken from various fairy tales/myths as shown in each episode of Grimm.

You know how I love to mess my fairy tales up, right? m(_ _)V
(And I really do LOVE that show, too~♥)

[Ohno/Sho] [R] [AU]
***Warning: character death***

"The wolf thought to himself, what a tender young creature. What a nice plump mouthful…"
Little Red Riding Hood

The hooded jacket looks old, almost threadbare. Like the man wearing it has already gone through hell and is already contemplating permanent residence.

It's really nothing more than blind instinct on his part. A mere feeling. But the moment Sho starts talking about life and a dozen and one drunken regrets, Satoshi just knows he's the one.

"Is this really all that we're made for?" Sho laments into his daiquiri. "If I die tomorrow, will anybody even remember what I did today?"

Satoshi lets a smirk touch his own lips before gulping the rest of his liquor down. "Why wait for tomorrow to find out?"

Cracking a faint smile, forced and almost portentous, Sho pulls his red hood back over his head, his slender fingers sliding flirtatiously down the side closest to Satoshi, as though showing off his neatly trimmed nails, the promising ways of his skillful hand. "Touché..."

A foreboding hush settles in Satoshi's chest the moment Sho's face is hidden in the shadows.

A brief shiver of anxiety shakes his hackles up when Sho grabs his hand and practically drags him out of Club Tempest

He remembers the numbing excitement that washes over him then almost as much as he does the primal euphoria that grips his limbs now, not even an hour later, as he savagely rips through Sho's flesh with the claws of one hand, his other hand keeping his innards from slipping out of the fatal gash Sho has managed to cut down his side with a hunting knife at the weakening onset of an orgasm.

The knife has long since lodged itself into the sly hunter's throat, the exact same moment that Satoshi sprays his seed into the gurgling man's ass with a long, wolfish howl of triumph before tearing off the man's groin and having his first sweet taste of fresh meat in months.

A worthy meal, indeed.

Satoshi leans closer to the glassy-eyed man turning his bed linens crimson and drawls out a couple of reassuring words through his sharp teeth, his heart-felt vow ironically giving a touch of life to Sho's death rattle

"I'll remember..."

He's always had a special preference for vengeful gourmet, after all.

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