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[Ohno/Sho] [R] [AU]
***Warning: character death***
"She looked in the window, and then peeped through the keyhole; seeing nobody in the house, she lifted the latch."
The Story of the Three Bears

It’s been a while since he was last here. He’s never been away for more than a couple of weeks before.

But things at the precinct have been pretty hectic since The Goldilocks Killer started roaming the streets of Tokyo again.

The Goldilocks Killer, Sho thinks with a secret sneer. So unoriginal and yet… So perfectly fitting—

“It’s always the same MO, you see,” he casually tells the man on the other side of the table, keeping up with his usual mild and conversational tone as he carefully unzips his satchel. A painstaking process that always makes his chest swell with impatience, but he can’t risk the zipper snagging like it did the last time. “A father. A mother. And a son.”

The man in the “Craft with Pride” shirt stares back at Sho like he wants to ask a question. It’s really hard to tell with the poor lighting in this place and the thin strip of cloth tied around the man's eyes. Not that Sho cannot himself fill in the blank lines to his own satisfaction.

“I don’t know why it has to be a son, either.” He throws the top flap of his bag open and takes a moment to marvel at the way his beloved steels just light up the place even more than the lone LED lamp overhead has ever done.

Even though the cottage is secluded enough as it is, a dilapidated spectacle of thatch roofing and moss-covered wood tucked away in the middle of an unmapped grove outside the city, Sho just can’t risk compromising his whole life's work on account of “too much lighting”.

“Daughters… they can get pretty distracting, I guess. I can never behave well around them, see?” He snorts at the wordless appeals shaking up the man’s throat, making his proud and dauntless Adam’s apple dance. He consciously brushes a hand down his own smooth neck and giggles. “Boy, don’t you just wish you had a daughter now, huh?”

Sho turns his attention to the woman this time, tied up to a chair beside the man. Gagged and blindfolded like her husband.

Like the frightened little boy wrestling against his chair beside her. Grunting and sniffling and sending his moled chin trembling in such an adorably helpless way as to thaw even the coldest regions of Sho’s heart.

But it doesn’t work on him now, like it never did all those times before—

“Reasons?” He snaps, turning his eyes back on the man and putting words to his gurgled protests. “You’re asking me for reasons?” He raises an eyebrow at the woman, admiring her motherly fortitude, her almost inaudible sobs. “If I had a reason, I would’ve already caught myself a long, long time ago…”

He pushes his chair back, a scalpel in hand, and shuffles to the other side of the table, his slow, deliberate steps perfectly timed to the muffled cries for mercy that have instinctively become so synchronized it almost melts his heart.

Some people go on road trips, climb walls, sail out into the sea and fish to momentarily unplug their minds from the overbearing demands of what is supposed to be a normal life..

Well, Sho Sakurai, forensic medical examiner, generous friend, loving son, and high-functioning sociopath does this

“Don’t you worry, Papa Bear…” he whispers into the man’s ear as he taps the man’s trembling cheek with the tip of his scalpel. “I’ll be real gentle.”

True to his words, Sho's heart rate hardly rises the entire night.

***Credits to my ninja friend for the shirt info. //pabebe waves//

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