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It's already (OH)November, and unfortunately things didn't go as planned with last months Halloween collection. My deepest apologies and gratitude to everyone who has been watching out for it.

I've been trying to get my writing mojos back, and I will keep adding to the Halloween collection whenever I can delve back into the darkness without losing my head even now that Halloween is over.

For now, here’s a little something to start off the Ohnovember celebrations around here. A little late, but there’s just no way I’m gonna let this month past without busting my rusty chops for my main man. So, chop chop! XD ~<3

general warning: a whole load of unrated, unbeta'd ohno-centric silliness dead ahead, absolutely no gore within this zone xD

a mouth with half a brain
prompt: dish (
ohno/aiba, sexual humor

Masaki Aiba will wake up tomorrow and remember diddlysquat about tonight.



He hopes—

He's drunk enough anyway.

Buzzed up to the teeth with liquid courage and a side serving of blind curiosity that he doesn't even bother half-assing a protest when Leader's lips wandered off the beer can straight into his face.

Because just drinking and talking and crying in hotel rooms is no longer enough to sustain their nightly rendezvous.

Because they always somehow end up wondering about the same things, teasing all the weirdest insights out of each other, and quite accidentally awakening all the strangest feelings they didnt't even know they had.

Not necessarily for each other, but that has stopped mattering hours ago when Leader laced his fingers through his hand and slurred out a drunken "I love you, man" between tears.

He thinks, he suspects—

They will forget about this. All of this.

By tomorrow, this will mean nothing to them.

It'll all be like a dream he knew he had, might've wished he had, hopes to dream again.

Because he suspects, he thinks, he knows there's this silly part of him that's gonna refuse to let this night go—

"This is crazy." Leader cups his hands to Masaki's face and leans in for another kiss. Again a brief peck, still testing the boundaries. "We should stop..."

"Yeah." Masaki agrees, his lips parting in a wordless invitation. "We should... Maybe..."

He probably wills it. He probably doesn't.

Leader's tongue waltzes into his mouth and he doesn't really care anymore.

It's like everything that has ever made him human has all shrunk down to that one part of him that has fallen slave to his Leader's mercy.

A mouth with half a brain.

A half-brain that fizzes back to life when his wandering palm slides over Leader's crotch, and Leader's startled grunt is all that fills his head.

He doesn't pull back, but instead smirks and marvels at how control can naturally just change hands between them.

Cupping a palm to the gawking man's nape, he audaciously pulls Leader back into the kiss, taking full reins and shamelessly exploiting every moment of it.

Because he's no longer just a mouth with half a brain, but a man with a full-on boner and the full-bodied cum building in his balls to show for it—

The strain he's been palming into a rock-solid bulge in his Leader's pants tells him quite a similar story.

But Leader is quick to reach around and grab himself a handful of butt cheek to make his intentions known. "You wish, Masaki..."

Masaki grins, deftly hoisting the squawking man onto his lap like he's made of nothing but silk and cotton balls. "Bring it on, Leader..."


"Quite a night huh?" Nino says the next day at the dressing room, his jeering voice twice as annoying as usual. "The internet is gonna kill you."

"What?" Masaki squints at the fuzzy form standing over him, willing it to go away as he sinks deeper into the couch, his hangover still hanging thick and strong over everything he knows.

He jolts up with a start, and a rather unmanly shriek, when Nino slaps something cold to the side of his neck. He instinctively grabs it, stares at it, and dumbly presses the frozen spoon back to his skin. Sighing into the calming cold chasing away the pinch of pain at the crook of his neck, he lets his mind fall away into what little memory he has left of last night, every blissful sore in his body guiding his way—

He sees Nino, but he's not really seeing Nino.

He hears Nino's voice, but he no longer finds much sense in Nino's words.

"J says to tell you to tell your dumb girlfriend no freakin' I-got-laid marks in visible places next time."

"You're already telling him." Leader mumbles beside Masaki, his voice low and thick with hangover and a none-too-subtle cheek. "And I'm not dumb. And I'm not a girl. You can ask Masaki—"

"Yes, J meant you too, dickwad." Nino does not even seem impressed as he tosses another frozen spoon to Leader's lap. "And please spare the TMI for the dimwitted virgins who actually give a fuck. Like, say, Sho-chan."


There's a whole lot of buzz that follows as the wounded Sho springs up from another corner of the room to protest his presumed chastity and Nino just keeps mercilessly trolling his nerves raw.

Masaki sees them. Masaki hears them.

But when Leader slips sideways and lets his sleepy head gently fall to Masaki's shoulder, his own frozen spoon pressed steadfastly to his own bruised neck, Masaki doesn't really care anymore.

Because something's telling him they'll have enough time to refresh their memories of what really matters tonight.

And tonight, Masaki Aiba will remember better.

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