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taka’s got a gun
prompts: arashi discovery 2015.11.13, gifted (
taka/yuuji (ohno/nino), humor

The boy standing outside the gun store tucked away in the corner of ‘whatchamacalit’ street and ‘hopelessly lost’ avenue was a weird looking boy. Flashy without apparent cause.

Yuuji does wonder for a second if he is perhaps a celebrity, and if all celebrities in Uzbekistan wore a feather on their head.

So without even thinking about it, he follows the boy into the store, down the counter showcasing various makes and models of handguns and pistols, all the way to the display case at the back where the bigger firearms were kept.

“Is it a status thing?” he asks out of plain curiosity, flicking the tip of the red plume held firmly to the back of the boy’s head by a band of cloth as red as the plume itself. It’s not even real, now that he’s taken a closer look at it. Just one long, saggy reed of synthetic fluff dipping and swaying importantly with the slightest twists and bobs of the boy’s head.

Yuuji can’t quite decide whether to feel disappointed at the boy’s deceit or happy for the bird that didn’t have to die for such pomposity.

“What is?” the boy mutters, his unblinking gaze narrowing as it shifted from an AR rifle to Yuuji. “Hmm? Where did you come from?”

“The feather,” Yuuji says, then frowns when the boy arches a brow in confusion, his jaws jutting out to further emphasize his point, if not his apparent dullness. Yuuji feels a sudden urge to laugh out loud right then and there. He suspects it has nothing at all to do with the conversation anymore. “I mean, I came from across the street.”

“Oh…” The boy shrugs, turning his eyes back to the guns and pointedly ignoring Yuuji’s subtle appeal for a longer conversation. Feather Boy has a lazy voice: slow, dull, and mumbly. It perfectly complements the perpetually moony look on his face.

And yet, despite having already been stranger-zoned in not so many words, Yuuji can’t just turn around and walk away from this now. He grabs a handful of the boy’s jersey shirt, kneading the fabric between his fingers as he practically snaps, “Well, is this real gold?” The feather on the head is one thing. But golden jersey shirt and shorts in broad daylight? In a gun store, even? Who wore those these days?

Who wore them ever—?!

“No,” the boy simply says, tugging and pressing his jersey back into a semblance of order. “Not real.”

Yuuji eyes the knee-high socks next, squints curiously at the cleat-less sneakers, before tossing a quick and cautious glance at the man in the counter. It’s a slow day today, it seems. And Counter Man, currently smitten by a rather risqué-looking gun magazine, doesn’t really think them much of a threat. “You play soccer?”


“What’s your name?”


“I’m Yuuji.”

Taka turns to him again, gives him the slightest of nods. No smiles. Not even a half-assed effort for a little handshake.

This boy is clearly not interested in him.

Which just makes Yuuji more strangely interested in this boy.

It’s frustrating. It’s absurd. It is everything he never thought he’d want out of this trip.

“You from around here?” he prods, even as Taka turns his full attention back to the gun displays.

“Just visiting…”

“I was supposed to go to the Philippines, you know…” Yuuji sighs, digging his hands deep into the pockets of his plain jeans and suddenly feeling under-dressed in the presence of weirdness. “It was 6th on my list of countries to visit.”


“I may have boarded the wrong plane … I’m not really sure how that happened.”

“They have beautiful bitches there, I heard.”

“You mean beaches?”

“Yeah. That, too.”


“D’you wanna see my gun?”

Yuuji gulps, completely losing his train of thought for one full second as his gaze almost automatically and shamelessly zooms in on the holstered heat between Taka’s legs. “I don’t even get what you’re saying.”

Taka continues his casual stroll through the store’s merchandise, which have all now paled in comparison to the promise of a full metal magnum he’s practically just dangled in front of Yuuji’s face. “I’ve got a spare feather back at the hotel.”

“What?” The air has suddenly grown thick between them, though Taka’s tone hasn’t really changed. Still lazy. Still seemingly disinterested. Was that supposed to be another sexual innuendo? Was the first one even—?

“I think you’ll look good in blue and silver, Yuuji-san.”

It is all in the way Taka looks at him at that moment. The way the weirdly dressed boy with the tail feather on his head may have just given him the quickest wink in the history of poker-faced flirtation.

Yuuji gulps again as he wordlessly follows the boy outside, barely managing a casual salute to Counter Man who almost falls off his chair in surprise at seeing them pass by.

Taka’s got a gun.

And because of an unfortunate mix up at the airport, losing his way almost immediately in a foreign country he’s not even thought of visiting, then mindlessly following a fake, lousy red feather into some clandestine gun store, Yuuji gets to fire it tonight.

Lame analogy. Perfect kismet.

“By the way,” Yuuji says, gesturing to the huge, sparkly red letter on his new friend’s golden shirt. “What does the S stand for?”

“Oh…” Taka pulls the pair of red-rimmed sunglasses hanging from the collar of his shirt, and smoothly putting it on, he mumbles, “Salami.”

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Master List

***I don’t even know m(_ _)V

***References from Arashi Discovery (twosen @ lj) and Arashigoto (junko-arasick @ lj). I’ve taken liberties where liberties were due, because fanfiction. xD

***If anybody could be so kind as to point me to more clips of Ohmiya SK (Taka/Yuuji), or simply provide more (dorky) tidbits about them, I’d love to write more about this pair (nothing too smutty though, sorry). I’ve only ever watched that one clip where they waxed Sho’s leg on stage (the mean bastards!!) xD

***Did you know that the 322nd day (which is apparently Ohmiya SK’s favorite day) is actually Junichi Okada’s (V6) birthday, too? In a non-leap year year, at least. Wow, what’s it with me and November babies? xD [ETA: 3 days ♥]

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