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hands that rock the universe
prompt: arashi discovery 2015.11.16, arch (
ohno/nino+sho/jun, general

Oh-chan has pretty hands. Lovely hands. Perfect hands.

Hands that rock the universe.

Frankly, Nino's getting tired of the exaggerations. The dramatic comparisons. The utterly merciless abuse of poetic justice in lieu of one pair of ordinary-looking hands.

Because as far as he's concerned, Oh-chan's supposedly godlike mittens are no great shakes.

Sure, they're slender and prettier than most girls'. They're long and deft and graceful. They have as much tender elegance to them as veiny ruggedness, which do not at all take away from their celebrated artistry, their presumed mystery--


They're just hands.

Nino's frisky little paws though are an entirely different matter.

See, he's just currently laid one on Satoshi Ohno's knee, and he's almost automatically got the entire green room's attention right where he wants it.

Ohno, who has just been telling them about ice fishing, almost chokes on his disrupted train of thought, his startled breath practically screeching to a halt as Nino starts rubbing that sensitive patch of skin above his knee.

It takes the man a moment to pull himself together and grab Nino's hand tightly by the wrist, tossing it away with a giggly, half-hearted protest, "Nino, come on! Stop it!"

Nino's chest swells with an almost carnal rebellion, the rest of his known senses twitching in all out support inside his pants. "I'm not gonna tickle this time, I promise."

He breaks this promise, of course, as is the case every time.

Because his hands--his stubby, little hamburger hands--that seem to have been armed with a homing device set solely on Ohno's personal space, have barely poked one spot of skin on the ticklish old man's body and all sorts of interesting things begin unraveling right before his eyes.

Like how Ohno just keeps scooting farther away from him on the couch, inch by ticklish inch, instead of bolting completely out of the room. The giddy old man's squirms and protests gradually losing to his own juvenile snorts of laughter, as though he lives for this and this reason alone.

How Aiba across the room drops his cellphone to his lap and, by some strange bro proxy, starts laughing too. As though his nerve-endings are tuned-up to the same whimsical band as Ohno's.

And then there's J, stealing a quick glance at Sho, who in turn steals a quicker glance back as soon as J turns away; both of them desperately trying to feign annoyance at the immaturity unfolding before them; both trying not to look too affected, too envious, too deprived.

And all of these treat on a Tuesday night in the Arashi green room, simply because Nino can't keep his hands to himself for one damn second.

Hands that rock the universe?


Nino's hands on Oh-chan's body can literally flip the world right over its head and spin it at the tip of his pinky finger without the world or Oh-chan even realizing what's going on.

And frankly, Nino thinks he's got the better deal.

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***Leader needs to stop talking about Nino. Like, seriously. Or I'll keep writing stuffs like this. ♥

***If you haven't figured it out yet, this Ohnovember challenge is based off of prompts I picked up from Ohno's Arashi Discovery (as translated by twosen @ lj).

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