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Title: Nameless
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Tennen Pair (Aiba/Ohno) + Bambis (Sho/Jun)
Prompt: halloween fic
Word Count: 10,124
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Supernatural/Fluff/Horror
Summary: Galeford could’ve been a perfect town: the people are warm and accepting. They don’t meddle, hardly argued, and the crime rate is almost close to zero.

Except for that one day in January, when an entity they had only ever called ‘Nameless’ rises from the dark, vengeful fringes of the town’s young history to claim at least one boy’s life on the eve of the 25th.

And this year, he’s set his eyes on the new boy, Satoshi.

Note: Written for [ profile] je_trick_or_fic 2014. Inspired in part by these | songs. :)

Warnings: mentions of child abuse, character death, drug use

Satoshi’s mom believed he was a demon and tried to kill him three times )
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Title: A Puppy Named Sochi
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Sakumiya (Sho/Nino)
Prompt: 16 Affected
Word Count: 1036
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: When one of Sho’s souvenirs from Sochi finally arrives at their doorstep, Nino tries his best to cope.
Note: inspired by a prompt from [ profile] 100_situations and because this //squees ~

What do you need two of me for? )
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Title: Homecoming
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Bambis (Sho/Jun)
Prompt: 96 Writer’s Choice (Homecoming) + chocolate + rejection
Word Count: 7256
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU-Dystopian/Angst+Romance
Summary: Sho wants to end the war for a completely different reason. Jun just wants it to end so he can have Sho back.
Note I: Inspired by prompts from shamae10 and 100-situations.

Note II: for [ profile] shamae10 (super belated HBD! <3)

It wasn’t their war to fight )
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Title: Linger
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Yama Pair (Sho/Ohno)
Prompt: Youth
Word Count: 12,360
Rating: PG-13
Genre: AU/ Supernatural
Summary: A workaholic twenty-five-year-old man one day stumbles on a youthful boy of fifteen, who is really more than what meets the eye. “You’re all grown up now, Sho-kun,” the boy says, “I hate it.”
Note: written for the [ profile] oretachinosong fanfic contest.

one step closer )
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Title: Unfaithful
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Yama Pair (Sho/Ohno) + Juntoshi (Jun/Ohno)
Prompt: halloween fic
Word Count: 7519
Rating: R
Genre: Horror
Summary: It takes Jun and Sho three years to finally sit together and settle their differences. A lot has happened, even a lot more things have changed, but the love they share for the same man lingers.
Disclaimer: I own nobody. Purely fictional, of course. :3
Note I: written for [ profile] je_trick_or_fic. They say a horror story, in order to be effective, needs to ask a compelling question. I’m not sure if the question at the core of this fic is compelling enough, but it’s something I’ve never really been able to answer to this day and doubt I ever can. Credit to [ profile] yarukizero for the translated lyrics used from the songs Dance in the Dark and Sugar and Salt.

Warnings: major and minor character deaths, graphic depiction of violence, suicide, language, mention of the 2008 rumor on Ohno

Did you even try to save him? )
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Title: Meet Me Under The Stars
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Bambis (Sho/Jun)
Prompt: 24 Road
Word Count: 1344
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Sometimes, the little things are enough to help them pull through.
Disclaimer: I own nobody. Purely fictional, of course. :3
Notes: Inspired by a prompt from [ profile] je_prompts, and partly by this scene from the first episode of Glee S5.

‘Macchan’ is that one invincible barrier between them that he can never break through )
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Title: Finding Yatterman
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Yama Pair (Ohno/Sho + Sho/Ohno)
Prompts: various
Word Count: 3000 (in 30 Drabbles)
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack/Fluff/Angst + AU/Crossover + Genderswap
Summary: A not-so-typical day at the Arashi Castle.
Disclaimer: I own nobody. Purely fictional, of course. :3
Notes: inspired by the prompts from the 30-Day Drabble Challenge, and the photo under the cut.

Everything started falling apart at the Arashi Castle the day Yatterman Ichi-go disappeared )
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Title: Kindred Minds
Drama/Pairing(s): Last Hope + Kazoku Game + Kagi no Kakatta Heya /  YoshimotoHatano + EnomotoHatano + YoshimotoEnomoto (Sakuraiba + Tennen Pair + Yama Pair)
Prompt: 41 Cold
Word Count: 2542
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General/Friendship/Drama Crossover
Summary: An amusing afternoon encounter at the park turns into a special project for Kouya Yoshimoto.
Disclaimer: I own nobody. Purely fictional, of course. :3
Notes: Inspired by a prompt from [ profile] je_prompts, and Yoshimoto taking my muses hostage. X/

You are a strange man, and I don’t need to know your intentions )
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Title: Dare Not
Group/Pairing: Arashi/Yama Pair (Sho/Ohno)
Prompt: Did you ____?
Word Count: 2490
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crack
Summary: The Arashi members are playing a leveled up version of Baba Nuki where the loser needs to take a piece of clothing off as punishment. Ohno, with his involuntary nose twitching, is down to his undies. Sho is not pleased.
Disclaimer: I own nobody. Purely fictional, of course. :3
Note: Inspired by a prompt from [ profile] rainbowfilling.

Yes, old man. Your ugly grey briefs need to go )
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Title: His Satoko

Group/pairing: Arashi/Yama Pair (Sho/Ohno)

Prompt: 016 Miss

Word Count: 1446 + 1 omake

Rating: PG

Summary: Sho’s seething with rage, and Satoshi’s fidgeting to the tips of his toes. There were six after all, and his lover didn't even think to leave one for him...

Disclaimer: I own nobody. Purely fictional, of course. :3

Notes: Inspired by a prompt from [ profile] je_prompts, and Satoshi Ohno’s cross-dressing challenge in Arashi ni Shiyagare’s 2013 New Year SP.

But even in his rage, Sho is able to do the math and demands after adding things up... )


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